Elevated Systems Technology Limited


Elevated Systems offer a broad portfolio of engineering services.

  • Power curve upgrade
  • Lightning protection
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Concrete repair
  • Core drilling
  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) installation and removal
  • Mechanical
  • Steel erection and dismantling
  • Welding and cutting
  • Rigging and lifting
  • Remedial repair
  • Coating and repairs
  • Buzz-bar replacement

Wind turbines

  • Blade inspection
  • Blade repair above water inspection, confined space entry 
  • YAW collar removal and installation

Our technicians have decades of experience in the field of wind turbine blade repair and we can assure any company that their turbine(s) will make optimum use of the energy available after our rigorous structural analysis and servicing. All of our wind turbine technicians have been fully trained at AmuSyd Centre of Excellence in Denmark to Blade B and Blade C as a minimum.